Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Over Easy Veggie Delight

I’m up and at em this morning continuing my first week of 5:45am boot camp.  Yes, I’m crazy!  I feel great aside from the soreness and I’m extra motivated this week to focus on my blog.  I really wasn’t hungry when I first got home so I decided to give breakfast a little more effort and here's what I came up with.

Over Easy Veggie Delight

First break out the Mandolin Slicer which we’ve talked about before.  Use the blade for shredding and get to work!  Be careful not to cut yourself by using the protective hand held piece when slicing smaller foods.  I shredded the pepper, leeks, and brussel sprouts first and saute them in a coated pan with a little garlic paste.  Cook for 1 minute so you can keep as many nutrients from the veggies as possible.  Push veggie mixture to the side,  crack in 2 eggs and cover.  Cook for about 3 minutes for an over easy egg.  While the eggs are cooking, toast your bread and spread a little bit of herb butter on it.  (gotta have a little fat)  I used the Kerry Gold Herb-ed Butter.  It is my absolute favorite brand of butter.


 2 Brussel Sprouts
 1 Mini Yellow Pepper

 1 inch piece of a leek

1 teaspoon garlic paste

2 eggs

1 slice of Sesame Seed Sprouted Grain Toast

1/2 teaspoon butter



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